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TitleSeriesSupreme Court Case Files
PartiesBlumenthal, Augustus A. - Appellant
Hutchison, E Carter - Respondent
Minor, Francis - Respondent
Roll, Conrad - Respondent
DatesYear of Filing1856
 Term of Court, Year 
 Term of Court, Month 
 Year of Opinion 
CoverageCountySaint Louis
 Court of Origin 
DescriptionCase TypeCivil
 Cause of ActionProperty (Land Dispute)
 MO Supreme Court Report 
 General NotesFile contains survey diagram.
 Case SummaryBlumenthal claims plot that appears to have sat between Chancillier and Hervieux. Conflicting surveys about original Spanish land grants to Herviuex and Chancillier. Court held was proper to exclude testimony of witness who "Remembered layout of land from childhood".
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