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United States Colored Troops in Missouri:
Finding African American History at the Missouri State Archives

Guided Discussion Questions

  1. What can we learn about George Reynolds from these documents?

  2. Why is it interesting that his last name is "Reynolds?"

  3. Why might George Reynolds and other enslaved African Americans have enlisted for military service during the war?

  4. Can George Reynolds read and write? Why is that important?

  5. What is unique about the way George Reynolds has signed his enlistment papers?

  6. Why do you think it is important to study about George Reynolds and other United States Colored Troops?

  7. What is the significance today of the decision by members of the 62 nd United States Colored Infantry to pursue educational opportunities for African Americans?

  8. What is an "original document?"

  9. Why is it important that these documents are preserved and studied?

  10. What other original documents would you be interested in seeing?

  11. Can you think of documents that we make now that might be of interest to historians in one hundred years?