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Arrow Rock: Crossroads of the Missouri Frontier

Presented by:
Michael Dickey

Publish Date:
August 2007

Presentation Length:
1 hour 23 minutes 47 seconds (1:23:47)

Arrow Rock, the state's oldest historic site, was established in 1829 at the intersection of the Missouri River and the Santa Fe Trail. As a primary center of trade between St. Louis and Kansas City, it became a "crossroads of the Missouri frontier," and home to three Missouri governors and the preeminent American painter George Caleb Bingham. Although the town's prominence declined after the Civil War, it was revived as a model of historic preservation in the twentieth century and remains a cultural tourist hot spot today. Michael Dickey discusses his award-winning book on Arrow Rock, from its rise to prominence on the frontier to its current role as a National Historic Landmark. Dickey, the historic site administrator at Arrow Rock since 1995, used a variety of sources - documents, oral histories, maps, and archaeological evidence - to complete this book, the first comprehensive history of the area ever to be published.


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