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Driving Across Missouri: A Guide to I-70

Presented by:
Ted T. Cable

Publish Date:
August 12, 2010

Presentation Length:
49 minutes 53 seconds (49:53)

Drivers speeding across Missouri on I-70 might not know what they are missing, but authors Ted Cable and LuAnn Cadden do. According to them, untold attractions right along the highway between St. Louis and Kansas City await travelers in Missouri. Driving Across Missouri is packed with fun-filled information, stories, and trivia that help travelers look beyond the passing blur to appreciate Missouri's unique landscapes and landmarks. The book's authors unfold the natural beauty of the state's flora, fauna, and rivers; introduce the history of Native Americans, French explorers, and German settlers; reopen routes traveled by Daniel Boone and Lewis and Clark; and bring the Civil War era to life. Throughout their book, Cable and Cadden help to slow things down in the fast lane so that travelers can enjoy Missouri's land and history, while simultaneously making a long trip pass more quickly with stories that interpret the spirit of the great "Show Me" state.


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