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Haunted Missouri

Presented by:
Jason Offutt

Publish Date:
October 18, 2008

Presentation Length:
1 hour 21 minutes 59 seconds (1:21:59)

Mysterious cold spots, disembodied voices, and smoky apparitions are just a few of the ghostly goings-on encountered by journalist Jason Offutt during his trek across Missouri. Offutt conducted hundreds of interviews and visited a variety of places, including Civil War battlefields, university halls, and infamous mansions, in search of restless spirits. A serious but witty look at Missouri's place in the ghostly realm,Haunted Missouri brings together history, folklore, and just enough mystery to intrigue skeptics and delight believers. Offutt provides a detailed guide to Missouri's paranormal hot spots, with new research and accounts that rank Missouri as one of the spookiest states in America. In addition to teaching journalism courses at Northwest Missouri State University, Jason Offutt is a syndicated columnist whose work has appeared in the Kansas City Star, Missouri Life, and The Examiner


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