The Ioway in Missouri

Presented by:
Greg Olson

Publish Date:
April 23, 2009

Presentation Length:
44 minutes 12 seconds (44:12)

Though not as well known in the annals of Missouri history as their long-time enemies the Osage, the Ioway Indians have resided within the state's borders since at least the mid-eighteenth century and, by the opening decade of the nineteenth century, claimed all of the state north of the Missouri River. However, Ioway control over the land was short-lived, and, by 1837, the tribe was confined to a two hundred square-mile reservation in northeast Kansas. The westward expansion of the United States and the economic and social changes that came with it altered the lives of the Ioway forever. Greg Olson, Curator of Exhibits and Special Projects at the Missouri State Archives, presents an engaging look at the people, culture, and history of one of Missouri's most historically significant Indian tribes.


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