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Research Request Policy and Procedures

The Missouri State Archives is pleased to offer an online request form and email as part of its genealogical and historical research services. In order to offer the best and most equitable services to all researchers, the following procedures have been adopted for the receipt of and response to queries. These procedures are identical to those followed by researchers using regular postal mail:

  1. Each request should include your full name, email address, phone number, and regular postal mail address.
  2. Submit only one request and allow us to complete your research before submitting another. If multiple requests are received, the first request will be answered; all other requests will be deleted after notifying the requester by return email If a request for "any information" is received, Archives staff will research only the first discernible question; an email stating this will be sent along with a response to the question researched.
  3. Each genealogical request should contain the following information:
    • Provide the full name of the individual whose record is requested, if known. In the case of a marriage record, give both names if possible.
    • Provide one county, as all local records are arranged by county (name of town or legal land description may also be given).
    • Specify the exact type of record. We cannot search “for any record available.”
    • Provide exact date if known. For all deed records you must limit the search to a five year period. For all other requests please indicate as narrow a period as possible, up to a ten year date range.
  4. Each historical research question or request for Missouri information should be clearly written with a specific question.
  5. Please provide a record citation if you have one (i.e. microfilm reel number, box and folder number, case #, etc.)
  6. Requests are retrieved daily. All online and email requests are combined with regular postal mail requests and routed to the appropriate staff researcher. It may take up to eight weeks to receive a reply. Online and email requests are not given priority or answered before regular postal mail requests.
  7. Once the request has been researched, a response will be emailed back to you with information regarding copy fees.

PO BOX 1747

Submit your Research Request to [email protected] or through the online request form. 

The genealogical request form and instructions are also available in PDF format: