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Missouri Judicial Records Historical Database

TitleFlorence A. Wiley, etal v. Emily Baker, etal
SeriesCase Files
PartiesBaker, Emily - Defendant
Craft, Irene - Defendant
Craft, John B. - Defendant
Green, James F. - Defendant
Herrington, Benjamin F. - Defendant
Herrington, Elias S. - Defendant
Herrington, George W. - Defendant
Herrington, Joshua - Other
Herrington, Lawson - Defendant
Herrington, Silas Green - Defendant
Husky, Nathaniel S. - Defendant
Husky, Virginia F. - Defendant
McCullock, Levi - Defendant
McCullock, Paulina - Defendant
Wiley, Florence A. - Plaintiff
Wiley, William S. - Plaintiff
Cause of Action / SubjectPartition
Term of Court, Year1888
Term of Court, Month9
Court TypeCircuit Court
Case TypeCivil
General Notes 
Case SummaryHeirs of Joshua Herrington; 312 acres in Sections 11, 14 Township 41 Range 3 East
Case Number 
Microfilm Roll Numberc68227
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