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Missouri State Penitentiary Database

IMPORTANT INFORMATION! The Missouri State Penitentiary Database displays images as PDF documents. As a point of reference, at dial-up speed, a 10MB file can take 30 minutes or more to view and a 50MB file up to 3 hours.

Offender InformationRegister Number20188
 NameCallie D. House - Offender
 Age/Approx. Year of Birth27/1890
Offense InformationOffense? sec. 215
 Location of CourtFederal - Tennessee
 Sentence1 1/2 One yr & one day from 10/12/1917
 When Received11/22/1917
 Full Time Sentence Expiration10/13/1918
 Date of Discharge8/1/1918
 Discharge NotesDischarged under 3/4 law.
 NotesWanted by George M. Sutton, Chief, Post Office Dept, Washington, D.C.
ImagesNumerical RegisterView Numerical Register

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