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TitleSeriesSupreme Court Case Files
 TitleVoullaire, Ann C. v. Voullaire, Seymour
PartiesBliss, Philemon - Judge
Coullaire, Ann C. - Respondent
Ruth, Isaac - Respondent
Voullaire, Seymour - Appellant
DatesYear of Filing1869
 Term of Court, Year1870
 Term of Court, Month3
 Year of Opinion 
CoverageCountySaint Louis
 Court of OriginCircuit Court
DescriptionCase TypeNot Given
 MO Supreme Court Report45 Mo. 602
 General NotesGen. Stat. 1865, p. 468, 21. Disposition: reversed and remanded
 Case SummaryIn September 1867, Ann Voullaire divorced her then husband, Seymour Voullaire, and was given custody of their five children. She was remarried to one, Isaac M. Ruth. In November 1868, Seymour Voullaire sued Ann for custody of their children on the basis that she was an unfit mother. She admitted that she was not able to raise their five children, but insisted that Seymour was also not fit to raise the children. The circuit judge ruled that the two male children be sent to live with Seymour's sister in Cincinnati and that George B. Murray, stepfather of Seymour, be given custody of the three female children. If Seymour refused to comply with the conditional custody granted to him, then the boys too would be given to George B. Murray.

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