Naturalization Records, 1816 - 1955

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The United States has always been a land of great opportunity, founded and shaped by immigrants seeking freedom. These immigrants had imagination and ambition. Coming from many nations and traditions, they strengthened and enriched the state's culture and helped shape Missouri life.

Immigrants to Missouri primarily emigrated from European countries, including England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Belgium, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Switzerland, Prussia, Germany, and various German principalities including Hanover, Bavaria, and Saxony. They filed their naturalization papers to become citizens in county courts across the state.

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The information contained in the naturalization records includes name, native city and/or native country, date of record, court of application (county court, circuit court, Supreme Court), and microfilm location for copy of full entry (reel number, volume and page numbers).

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