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The primary collection held at Missouri State Archives-St. Louis (MSA-St. Louis) are the records of the St. Louis Circuit Court, 1804-1875, and its subsidiary courts.  Some of these records have been microfilmed, others have yet to be processed.  MSA-St. Louis also has records on microfilm for the St. Louis Recorder, Board of Aldermen, Coroner, County Court (pre- and post-1875 city/county split), and the St. Charles Circuit Court. For the complete list of microfilm holdings, click here.

The St. Louis Circuit Court

The nineteenth-century St. Louis judicial system was complex and changed constantly as St. Louis evolved erratically under the impact of forces that transformed it from a French colonial village into America’s fourth largest city. Jurisdiction for different types of cases transferred between several courts over the course of Missouri’s colonial, territorial, and statehood eras. Locating certain types of cases may require searching more than one record group.  For more details see Court Records at MSA-St. Louis

Court Records at MSA-St. Louis



Missouri State Archives - St. Louis Microfilm

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