State Censuses (1840-1876) and County Tax Lists (varies by county)

Stoddard County 1840 Census with Doodle
A sample page from the 1840 state census
for Scott County. Click to enlarge.
Note the doodle at the bottom of the page!

Missouri began taking state censuses in 1824. The first surviving record – a partial record only – is from 1840. One year later (1841), set the frequency of the state census at every four years beginning in 1844 (it had previously been every two years). After 1876, state censuses appear to have been discontinued until they were officially repealed in April 1885. The entire act reads, “That chapter eighty-eight (88) of the Revised Statutes of the state of Missouri, entitled, ‘of the state census,’ be and is hereby repealed. All representation or other matters heretofore or now based on the state census shall be based on the United States census of this state. This act shall be in force from and after its passage.” (1885 Laws of Missouri p. 46)

Tax lists are good substitutes when census records are form not available. They include the name of the head of the household as well as the value of their property. County tax lists may be available in local courthouses or on Archives’ microfilm.

To request a search of a census or tax list, please complete and submit a research request. In addition, fillable sample forms can be downloaded and/or printed.

State Censuses:


YearCountyReel NumberTranscribed?Sample Form
1840 New Madrid (folder no. 15934) #S458 Yes Click for PDF
Newton (no. 15935)   Yes
Perry1 (no. 15936)   N/A
Pettis1 (no. 15937)   N/A
Pike (no. 15938)   Yes
Polk1 (no. 15939)   N/A
Pulaski1 (no. 15940)   N/A
Ralls1 (no. 15943)   N/A
Randolph (no. 15941)   Yes
Ray (no. 15942)   Yes
Ripley1 (no. 15943)   N/A
Rives (later Henry) (no. 15944)   Yes
St. Francois1 (no. 15945)   N/A
St. Louis On DVD No
Ste. Genevieve1 (no. 15945)   N/A
Saline1 (no. 15945)   N/A
Scott1 (no. 15945)   N/A
Shelby (no. 15945)   Yes
Stoddard (no. 15946)   Yes
Taney1 (no. 15947)   N/A
Van Buren (later Cass) 1 (no. 15947) N/A
Warren (no. 15948)   Yes
Washington1 (no. 15948)   N/A
Wayne1 (no. 15948)   N/A
1844 All counties by townships1 #C9991 N/A Click for PDF
Callaway #C7253 or #C12504 No2
Greene1 #C7255 N/A
1848 Benton #C64559 No Click for PDF
Callaway #C43844 Yes
1852 Benton #C64559 No Click for PDF
Callaway #C43844 Yes
St. Charles3    
1856 Audrain #C8491 No Click for PDF
Callaway #C43844 Yes  
1860 All Counties1 #S368 N/A Click for PDF
Callaway #C43844 No2  
1864 Callaway #C43845 No2 Click for PDF
1868 Callaway #C43845 No2 Click for PDF
Cape Girardeau #C1268 No
Franklin #C33796 No
St. Charles On CD No2
1876 Atchison #C10714 No Click for PDF
Benton #C713 No2
Butler #C6741 No2
Callaway #C12504 or #C43845 No2
Cape Girardeau #C1269-70 No2
Carroll #C25624 No
Cass #C22923 or #C25629 No
Christian #C1666 No2
Daviess #C8845 No
Franklin #C7661-2 or #C34457-9 No
Gasconade #C11080 No
Greene #C7255 No
Holt #C2762 No2
Howard #C2817 or #C9679 No2
Iron #C40713 No2
Macon(Jackson Township Only) On CD Yes
Madison #C9026 No
McDonald #C4107 No2
Moniteau #C4563 No
Montgomery #C4716 No2
Osage #C5060 No2
Perry #C8978 No2
Phelps #C8989 No
Reynolds #C5796 No2
Ripley #C6921 No
Scott On CD Yes
St. Charles On CD No2
St. Francois #C6028 No
Ste. Genevieve #C6196 (3 names only) No
Stone #C8973 No
Texas #C7658 No2
Webster #C8861 No
Worth #C2385 No


1aggregate data only; no names included

2these records have not been electronically transcribed or indexed, but printed indexes and/or transcriptions ARE available as part of the Archives’ county book collection

3the Archives has a printed transcription only