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Missouri's Local Records Preservation Program is an effort to improve long-term local public records by advising, educating and encouraging the custodians of those records in the use of sound records management and archival practices. Archivists provide their expertise to local governmental officials on the retention of records. A part-time local records analyst program was initiated in 1986. Legislation that took effect July 1, 1990 converted this to a full-time program.

The Missouri Local Records Grant Program was first made available to local governments in 1991. Each fiscal year the secretary of state, by the recommendation of the Missouri Historical Records Advisory Board, awards up to $400,000 in grant funds to an average of 65 local projects. More than half of the grant projects receive funds to microfilm local permanent records thus ensuring their preservation.

The Local Records Preservation Program's conservation laboratory provides treatment services for all local government records in Missouri. In 1991, the laboratory was opened for the treatment of paper-based records. Conservation staff provide an advisory service to local government offices on all aspects of records care, preservation, and disaster recovery.

Members of the Missouri Local Records Board are charged with the responsibility of setting records retention time for local governments. That information is readily shared with local government officials.