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When you submit your project, the registration system will ask you, regardless of your category, to submit a link. If one is required for the regional office to access your entry, enter it. If you do not need to submit a link, leave the space provided blank. (Remember NHDWebCentral entries stay within the system.) has updated the system so that you may upload PDFs of paperwork through the system. As we hear of further updates, we will send the information to your teachers/sponsors and update our website. Central Missouri Regional National History Day will be virtual in all categories this year. 

Submission guidelines below:


  1. Take a photograph of the entire exhibit.
  2. Take photographs of each panel in the order you want the panel viewed.
  3. If you cannot easily read the labels, documents and captions on the panels with one photo of each, take two photographs of each panel, or more if you find it necessary to read your exhibit, keeping the photographs in the order you want them viewed.


Performances may be done on a virtual platform as long as they can be opened and viewed at the regional office.


We extend our thanks to the Friends of the Missouri State Archives for their continued support of the Central Missouri Region National History Day program.

  2022 National History Day Theme: "Debate & Diplomacy in History"