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Records Management FAQs

These FAQs reflects the most up-to-date information on the Records Management program of the Office of the Secretary of State. Administrative personnel involved with the maintenance, storage, retrieval, and tracking of records will find these FAQs a convenient reference when using records management services.

We hope you will find answers to the most common questions concerning the records management program including general information, records consultation and scheduling, state records center services, and imaging services provided by the Records Management Division to state agencies.


General Information

Records Consultation and Retention Schedules

State Records Center Services

Imaging Services


State Records Center Services

Q.  What is the State Records Center?
  The State Records Center consists of two facilities in Jefferson City that house inactive records for state agencies.

Q.  What records center services are available?
  In addition to records storage, the State Records Center offers a host of services: retrieval of boxes or file folders, pickup and delivery service in the Jefferson City area and destruction of records that reach their disposition date while being stored. Agencies should contact their analyst for further information on particular services.

Q.  Where are state agency records stored once they are sent to the Records Management Division?
  There are presently two locations: the Kirkpatrick State Information Center (KSIC) at 600 West Main Street, and the State Records Center Annex (SRCA) at 4720 Scruggs Station Road. If you need to contact one of these facilities, please see our contact page.

Q.  What are the hours of operation?
  The KSIC location is open from 7:00 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. The SRCA location is open from 7:00 to 4:00, Monday through Friday.

Q.  What records can I store at the State Records Center?
  Records stored at the State Records Center must appear on either the Missouri General Retention Schedule (GRS) or an agency specific schedule. The records must be inactive, and they must not have reached their final disposition date.

The point at which each type of record becomes inactive is defined on the retention schedule, in the “cutoff” field. “Inactive” refers to the level of use, when all or most of the activity associated with a file has been completed. Frequent reference is no longer necessary, and no additions are required.

Payment support documentation must be at least 1 year old before being accepted by the State Records Center. The Supporting Documentation Filing and Retention Guide  has additional information.

Q.  Can I store anything besides records at the State Records Center?
  No. Nonrecord materials may not be stored at the State Records Center. These materials are defined by RSMo. 109.210. Non-record materials include reference materials, office supplies, undistributed inventories of publications, or any other item or document that is not a state record.

Q.  How do I send my records to the Records Center if my office is in Jefferson City?
  Once the boxes have been entered into agency records tracking system they need to be transferred to the agency’s pending transfer place (PT) place. Dock pickup service is only available within Jefferson City.

The boxes can also be dropped off at the assigned State Records Center locations.

 Q.  Where should I place my boxes for pickup within Jefferson City?
  All boxes must be placed in a central location for pickup. If your building has a delivery dock, boxes must be placed at the dock.

For buildings without delivery docks, records should be placed in an easily accessible central location such as behind a front desk, or some other location near an outside door.

Delivery services are offered for agency convenience. If boxes cannot be made easily accessible for the driver, then agencies must deliver boxes to the State Records Center. Contact the Records Center Supervisor for further assistance.

Q.  How do I send my records to the Records Center if my office is outside Jefferson City?
Records Management does not provide pickup services outside Jefferson City. State agencies located outside Jefferson City may deliver their boxes to the State Records Center, or take advantage of their agency’s statewide delivery and pick up service if available. Agencies can also arrange to have their boxes picked up by Records Center staff at the agency’s Jefferson City office

Q.  Where do I get boxes?
  Agencies sending their records to the State Records Center will need to purchase box number 242.SZ - File Box With Flaps 15" x 12" x 10" through Missouri Vocational Enterprises. Other box types/sizes are not accepted.

Q.  How do I pack and label boxes to send to the Records Center?
  All records should be in file folders. The folders should be labeled and arranged sequentially, either numerically or alphabetically. Records Center box labels are automatically generated when you create a box in the agency records tracking system. Once you have printed the labels, affix the label to the box in the upper right hand corner, on a side of the box with a handle. For more detailed instructions see How to Pack a Box.

Q.  What was a Records Transmittal and Receipt Form?
A Records Transmittal and Receipt Form was a document filled out by an agency for the transfer of records to the State Records Center. The purpose of the transmittal was to provide contact information, box location, and a brief description of each box for shipment. The Records Management Division no longer uses the transmittal form, and has switched to the agency records tracking system. If you have further questions about past transmittals, contact your Records Analyst.

Q.  What if I have more than one record series to send at a time?
Each record series type must be boxed separately. All files within a box must have the same record series. Agencies may send multiple boxes with separate record series in the same shipment. For further information please contact your Records Analyst.

Q.  How do I request records from the State Records Center?
  All requests must be submitted through the agency records tracking system.

When recalling records from the State Records Center, be sure to specify whether or not the records are being permanently recalled or if they will be returned to the Records Center. Only files or whole boxes can be requested. State Records Center staff does not retrieve individual documents from boxes or files.

Once the request has been submitted, agencies can pick up the records during operating hours. Personnel picking up records will be required to offer identification or other evidence of authorization. Individual files may be mailed at agency expense or sent through interdepartmental courier.

For requests of 10 or fewer boxes or files, delivery is usually possible within two to four business days. Larger requests may take longer.

Q.  How do I return records to the records center?
 For boxes in Jefferson City, arrangements can be made through the agency records tracking system to have Records Management staff pick up boxes from an agency’s delivery dock or to drop off records at one of the Records Center locations. For boxes outside the Jefferson City the agency will have to make separate arrangements for delivery. Files can be mailed, routed through interdepartmental courier, or delivered by agency personnel.

Q.  Can I add documents or files to boxes stored at the State Records Center?
   As long as all records stored in the Records Center are inactive, there should be no need to add additional materials to records boxes. Adding folders or even individual documents to a full box can lead to structural failure of the box. Broken boxes are a serious condition in a records center, because they can lead to lost documents and loss of file integrity. State agencies are strongly encouraged not to add documents or files to boxes already accessioned. If you need further information please contact your Records Analyst.

Q.  Can the Records Center make copies or fax my records?
  No. To ensure integrity of agency records, Records Center staff do not open individual files, or provide research and reference services.

Q.  Who has access to my records?
A.  Records stored at the State Records Center remain the property of the originating agency. Ordinarily, only the agency who owns the records may access them. Agencies should contact your Records Analyst to arrange any exceptions.

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