Records Management :: Records Retention and Disposition

State Agency Records Retention and Disposition

The Office of Records Management assists agencies within state government with the continual process of renewing and revising their records management program and provides the tools to ensure the efficient management of information.

For most agencies a records management program is a coordinated set of policies, procedures and activities needed to manage an agency's recorded information. Missouri's records management program was established by the General Assembly in 1965 to meet the needs of state government. It currently serves more than 865 state governmental units. The records management program can assist state agencies in a variety of ways:

  • By setting up records disposition schedules;
  • By providing off-site storage for semi-active and inactive paper records;
  • By furnishing agencies with stored records on demand;
  • By providing consultation and technical advice on records management;
  • By overseeing destruction of unneeded records;
  • By providing microfilm services; and
  • By providing guidance on use of imaging hardware, software and processes/procedures.

The program, conducted by the Office of Secretary of State, is located in the James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center (KSIC), 600 West Main, Jefferson City. This building houses the records management staff, an imaging department and more than 150,000 cubic feet of governmental records. Additional record storage is located at the State Records Center Annex (SRCA), 4720 Scruggs Station Road, Jefferson City.

For more information, please contact the Records Management Division of the Secretary of State's Office, (573) 751-3319 or e-mail [email protected].