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State Records Commission

The State Records Commission was established in 1965 by RSMo109.250, Missouri's Public and Business Records Law. Its task is to guide the records management program in the determination of retention periods for all records in the executive branch of state government. Currently more than 865 state agencies, commissions, bureaus, and boards operate under approved records retention schedules as well as the Missouri General Retention Schedule (GRS). Additionally, the commission reviews, approves, and recommends guidelines for the management of electronic records generated by the State of Missouri. The Commission is chaired by the Secretary of State and consists of the executive director of the State Historical Society, the Attorney General or designee, the State Auditor or designee, a state representative, a state senator, the state chief information officer, and the state archivist, who serves as the commission secretary.

State Records Commission Members

John R. Ashcroft, Chair
Secretary of State

Scott Fitzpatrick
State Auditor

Andrew Bailey
Attorney General

John Laurent
Missouri Chief Information Officer

Kenneth (Ken) Zellers
Office of Administration

Dr. Gary R. Kremer
State Historical Society of Missouri

Curtis Trent
Missouri Senate

Rudy Veit
Missouri House of Representatives

John Dougan
Missouri State Archives
Secretary of the Commission