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Off Site Storage

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Offsite Storage

The State Records Center provides state agencies with storage solutions for inactive records. Services include pick-up, delivery, transfer, and destruction of records. All records remain in the legal custody of the creating agency and access to stored documents is restricted to the agency's authorized personnel. The transferring of inactive files to the State Records Center allows agencies to free up valuable office space and equipment. There is no cost to state agencies for these services.

Estimated costs for storing one cubic foot of records in a standard four-drawer letter size file cabinet in an office environment is $13.03. Conversely, record storage in the State Records Center costs approximately $1.42 per cubic foot. That is an average savings of $11.61 per box per year. Thus, Missouri taxpayers realized savings of $3,685,702.91 in records storage during FY11. Additionally, environmental resources were saved when 314,070 pounds of paper documents, having met their retention requirements, were sent to a commercial recycling facility.

The State Records Center is housed in two facilities. The combined storage capacity for the James C. Kirkpatrick State Information Center (KSIC) and the State Records Center Annex (SRCA) is currently 376,460 cubic feet. Both facilities have conditioned space to help preserve the integrity of the records.

Qualifying for Services

Executive departments of the State may store records at the State Records Center under the following conditions:

  1. The agency has a State Records Commission approved records disposition schedule.
  2. The agency stores only the records described on its schedule.
  3. The agency stores only inactive records.

Accepting Records for Storage

Before record boxes can be stored in the Records Center, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The box must be created in the state records tracking system.
  2. The box is a standard records center box. These boxes are 12" wide x 15" long x 10" high or one cubic foot and are available from Missouri Vocational Enterprises, product number 242.SZ. Record center boxes will hold both letter and legal size files.
  3. The boxes must be properly labeled using the label generated by the state records tracking system. Box labels must be affixed above and to the right of the handhold. Use the handhold side without tape on the edge.


For assistance with storing records at the State Records Center, please contact the Records Management Division at (573) 751-3319 or by email at [email protected]