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Missouri Electronic Records Education and Training Initiative

Presentation 1 – Information Technology Advisory Board, September 16, 2003

Electronic Recordkeeping and Electronic Government
Robert Horton – State Archivist, Minnesota Historical Society


Robert Horton's two-part presentation, consisted of Electronic Recordkeeping and Electronic Government, an introduction to issues central to the development of strategies that will allow Missouri to effectively manage, preserve and provide access to its electronic records, and Minnesota's Electronic Real Estate Recording Task Force, a case study with significant recordkeeping implications.


Electronic Recordkeeping and Electronic Government power point file included definitions of records and electronic records; provided an introduction to electronic records concepts; identified e-recordkeeping challenges and opportunities; discussed the legal framework including current Missouri laws, the UETA, Electronic Signatures and Commerce Act, and the E-government Act of 2002; described Minnesota's electronic records program; and presented some options for Missouri to explore in the coming years.

The case study, Electronic Real Estate Recording Task Force power point file, provided the audience with one example of how Minnesota's Trustworthy Information Systems guidelines were tested. Horton discussed the history of the project including initial collaboration, legislation, funding, planning and testing. He identified task force members and stakeholders; discussed the value of real estate recording records and the Electronic Real Estate Recording System currently in place; models; and technological and recordkeeping issues.


Robert Horton presenting a slide

Robert Horton is the State Archivist and head of the state archives department at the Minnesota Historical Society. Before coming to Minnesota in 1997, he was head of the Electronic Records and Records Management programs at the Indiana Commission on Public Records. He is a Board Member of the National Association of Government Archivists and Records Administrators (NAGARA), the Society of American Archivists (SAA), and the Midwest Archives Conference (MAC).

During the past few years, Mr. Horton has directed a number of electronic records and information management projects including: Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook; Electronic Records Management Guidelines and Managing Your Government Records; and Guidelines for Archives and Agencies.